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Her Point of View

She saw him first

and then gave an ear to lend.

He told her that he was alone in his walk

And that all he needed was a friend.

That was the beginning

of several small lies.

Ones that he had told himself

Ones that he needed to simply survive.

No one understood him,

or so he had said.

Though she understood him.

Her attention gave food to his death and it fed.

A secret trip,

one will never know.

Though lies are always found out

Even though no one was ever told.

It bred life into a fantasy

For both of them and grew.

Though both claimed there was nothing romantically.

But then she outed him and then everyone knew.

More lies to base the future on.

For she’s thinking with her feelings, her heart

Failing to see that lies are a song

That pulls the heart apart.

“No one understands me, no one trusts me.”

Was what he had claimed.

And it really seemed he was alone, she could see

And then to her he remained.

Again.. another lie, little did she know

This isolation he lived

Was one created,

One that he owned.

“Exiled,” he cried

And she felt for him

Once again this proved that

She was his only true friend.

Choices were made,

Though he claims they were not his.

If she only knew what really made him cave.

Maybe a second thought she would give.

She thinks she is different

If only she could know

She is one of many

The deception can only grow.

She lives in a world

No one can envy her of.

Lies add up and break

What one thought was love 

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